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In October 1998, Mail Bank Corporation bought over 10 000 domain name and offered to sell some sub-domain.  For 9.99$US for the installation fees and 5$US per year, they were offering a E-mail forward and a URL forward to any other web site.  They were promising to always keep the same price and never increase it.  They had two different name that I was interested : fortin.net and fortin.org.  At that time, I bought the sub-domain luc, with this I was able to receive e-mail at luc@fortin.netIt easier to remember luc@fortin.net than l_fortin@qbc.clic.net or any other hotmail addresses.  I also change my e-mail address on all my business cards, tell all my contacts, parents and friends.  In November 1999, Mail Bank decided that they would now charged 9,99$US for the e-mail and 19,99$US for the web forward system.  I was very angry about this.

In 1996, a German company called Information Technologies bought fortin.com.  Since fortin.com was not available, I paid the big price and stayed with Mail Bank.  

In September 2000, unfortunately, the German company had closed few month earlier and fortin.com was now available.  It took less that 5 minutes to bought it.  Now the site is hosted in Québec City, Canada.  I will try to do the same as Mail Bank, but I won't increase prices.

The hosting for the domain name, administrations and all other stuff cost me about 250$CAN per year.  With this server I can only sell e-mail forwarders but at a very good price.

Buying a sub-domain will allow you to receive all e-mail @fortin.com to an other e-mail address.  With this, there is no computer setup, no password or any change.  The only change you will need to do is say a different e-mail address@fortin.com to your friends and contacts.  E-mails are not stock or read on the server here.  As soon as the fortin.com server receives the e-mail, it forwards it to your e-mail server.  With this, you will be able to get catherine@fortin.com ( no this one is already taken by my 3½ years old little girl ) and forward it to any e-mail server connected to the internet.  It's easier to remember.  Also you can get a e-mail address for your cell phone or e-mail pager.  It's easier to remember pagerbob@fortin.com than 15147449573-pagertext@mycellcompagny.com.

The cost is 5$CAN per e-mail per year for people living in Canada.  For the rest of the universe, it's 5$US per year per e-mail.  ( US dollars are easier to trade in Canada that other country money ).  Send your money via normal postal mail to :

Luc Fortin
758 rue
, Qc, Canada
H7X 3X2

Please in the envelope, write :

your name,
your postal address,
your requested e-mail@fortin.com 
the forward address. 

The e-mail will be activated within 48 hours of the reception of the payment.

For more information, you can contact me directly via E-mail to luc@fortin.com


English Version made on November 29th 2000